Your HelpDesk Rewards Benefits

HelpDesk Rewards® customers get the best deal, the best benefits, and the best value on the market today. That’s our commitment to our customers. Here’s a quick summary of your benefits as a HelpDesk Rewards® customer.


  • + Access to 24/7/365 remote tech support.
  • + $19.95 per month, cancel anytime
  • + $25 per fix refundable (one time per month) with mail in rebate
  • + Our Local On-Site/In-Home TechRepair® Tech Support.
  • + Custom-designed security and scam alerts.
  • + Bonus computer security program.
  • + 5 bonus performance programs like "Power Desk®".
  • + Data back-up services for your important files.
  • + Data recovery services to retrieve your critical information.
  • + Access to our exclusive TechBuy® Concierge program.
  • + Our TechProtect® Price Lock.
  • + Bonus shopping, dining, grocery, and travel savings!

24/7/365 Tech Support and Local On-Site/In-Home Tech Repair
Do you need phone support for your computer, laptop, or software? Are you getting system errors? Having internet or networking issues? Need help removing a virus? Require assistance with Windows or other software? Our friendly team of technicians is standing by to help…24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  HelpDesk Rewards® customers just call our toll-free support number at any time, day or night, allow our professional technicians to remotely access your computer, and we’ll fix the problem for you while we’re on the phone with you…saving you the time and hassle of bringing your computer to a local repair shop.  HelpDesk Rewards® customers are entitled to one (1) Tech Support remote phone session each month*.  Plus, additional tech support sessions are covered by our TechProtect® Price Lock, defined below, you can rest assured we’ll resolve your issue and help you save at the same time.  Our TechRepair® customer benefit even gives you customers-only access to in-home local Tech Support at a deeply discounted rate.  Whether it’s over the phone, or in your home, HelpDesk Rewards’ remote and local on-site/in-home Tech Support teams are on call to help you through your tech needs, whenever you need us, and whatever your issue may be.  Convenience, professionalism, efficiency, quality, value, and commitment to local expertise of the highest caliber…that’s what distinguishes HelpDesk Rewards®.  *Free after mail-in rebate.

Custom-Designed Security & Scam Alerts
Scam artists in the U.S. and around the world defraud millions of people each year. They use the phone, email, postal mail, and the internet to trick you into sending money or giving out personal information.  Using trusted sources like the FBI and IRS, HelpDesk Rewards® has compiled a detailed listing of the most recent and most pervasive scams on the market today, including those that have targeted seniors.  Our goal is to equip you with the information you’ll need to protect your identity and your financial security.

Computer Security Program
HelpDesk Rewards® customers have exclusive access to a downloadable computer security program designed to protect not only your computer, but your personal information and your identity.  You can download our software, which protects your privacy by deleting all traces of your identity-related online and offline activities (like recently visited websites, online conversations, downloaded materials, etc.).

Computer Performance Programs
HelpDesk Rewards® customers also have exclusive access to five bonus downloadable computer performance software titles designed to help you get the best performance possible from your computer.  You can download our “PC Speed Patroller®” software and keep your computer running like new.  This easy to use program optimizes your registry settings, removes temporary files, deletes junk files, tweaks system settings and much more so that even the most novice users can keep their computers at optimal performance.  Customers can also download our “SmartDriver Patroller®” software, which finds and replaces outdated drivers instantly.  This program scans your computer, identifies your drivers, and pulls from a database of over 200,000 drivers to ensure that you’ve always got the latest and best performing drivers.  Customers can also download our “Uninstaller Patroller®” software.  During a standard program uninstall, lots of applications leave behind leftover files and registry entries.  Now you can quickly and easily uninstall programs, and all the junk they leave behind, insuring better performance from your computer.  Customers can also download our “PowerDesk®” software.  PowerDesk® is an easy, fast, and expert way to organize, search, edit, delete, sort, label, view, convert, archive, and manage all your files.  This program includes dozens of tools to put you in charge of your computer and the material on it.  Lastly, customers can also download our “Photo Eraser®” software.  This unique program helps you easily remove unwanted elements from your photos (like people, objects, signs, text, logos, shade, watermarks, etc.).

Data Back-Up & Recovery
Many of us depend on the information contained in our computers.  Our work files, our personal files, our music and photographs, our email, our important documents, etc. all reside in our computers.  As a result, we all depend on our computers working like we want them to every day.  Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t.  That’s where HelpDesk Rewards®Back-Up Patroller® software comes in.  HelpDesk Rewards® customers have exclusive access to our Back-Up Patroller® software, which will help you identify, archive, and store your critical files to a secure back-up cloud location so that, if you ever have an issue and cannot access your files on your computer, you can recover them from the cloud.  That’s peace of mind that is priceless.

TechBuy® Concierge
Are you looking for some professional advice on which computer, monitor, phone, printer, storage device, television, or gadget to buy next?  Want some tips and feedback from seasoned experts who can guide you in the right direction and help you find the best possible deal?  HelpDesk Rewards® customers have access to our on-call TechBuy® Concierge to answer any questions you may have about your next tech-related purchase, and to share their insights, wisdom, and know-how to help you make a good decision and get a great value.

TechRepair® Local On-Site/In-Home Support
While nearly all of our customers’ Tech Support issues can be addressed quickly and easily over the phone through one of our remote Tech Support sessions, HelpDesk Rewards® customers also enjoy exclusive access to our TechRepair® local on-site/in-home tech support benefit, powered by a national network of well-trained, well-qualified and highly professional Tech Support specialists.  If you would prefer, we can send a Tech Support technician, capable of addressing your tech issue, directly to your home for a discounted rate of just $75.00 per hour, which is 25% off the standard rate.  That’s an easy, hassle-free way to resolve your issue.  Our TechRepair® hourly rate does not apply to any hardware or software required to resolve your issue.

TechProtect® Price Lock
At HelpDesk Rewards®, we understand that sometimes, when it rains, it pours.  Although HelpDesk Rewards® customers are entitled to one (1) Tech Support remote phone session each month*, customers also enjoy exclusive access to our TechProtect® Price Lock, which locks in the cost of any additional remote Tech Support sessions you may need in a particular month to a maximum of just $25.00 per session.  With the standard non-customer remote Tech Support session costing $199.00, that means HelpDesk Rewards® customers save $174.00 per session, or 87% on extra remote Tech Support sessions they may need during any given month.  With TechProtect® Price Lock, the more you use our remote Tech Support, the more $ you save!


*One Tech Support remote phone session per month free after mail-in rebate.

Bonus Savings
HelpDesk Rewards® customers also get exclusive bonus access to twenty five different ways to save on groceries, dining out, shopping at their favorite retailers, travel, entertainment, home, auto, and so much more!  That’s thousands of extra deals, discounts, special offers, promo codes, and great savings at your disposal 24/7!